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Plugin, Inclusive Growth Chain Integrates To Tackle Air Pollution

Plugin, Inclusive Growth Chain Integrates To Tackle Air Pollution

  • Plugin-Inclusive Growth Chain partnership hypes real-time air pollution monitoring.
  • Both the blockchain technology applies “Pollution Check” for reducing pollution.
  • The new project makes air pollution tracking and tracing in real-time.

The decentralized Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) platform Plugin has integrated with the Inclusive Growth Chain (IGC) to work towards implementing the Project Pollution Check.

In detail, Pollution Check is a blockchain-based use case that allows air pollution tracking and tracing in real-time. This concept brought up by IGC intends to collect real-time data on air pollution, helping users suffering from health issues like allergies related to air pollution, to make decisions. This solution will be available to users across the globe.

The Plugin will act as an oracle service to connect the data (air pollutants) from the external world into a decentralized application. Furthermore, the application will target end-users like real estate property providers and developers, real estate buyers, air purifier companies, and government agencies tasked with protecting the environment.

Significantly, for real estate property providers and developers, Pollution Check will help them decide about constructing housing that meets their client’s air quality index (AQI) requirements.

Air pollution is a major concern and serious issue at the center point of many discussions. Blockchain technology and its new use cases have a significant position in helping track air pollution in real-time by deploying data feeds from authoritative off-chain sources. The inception of new technologies via the PLI-IGC collaboration holds the potential to reduce and reverse some after-effects of air pollution.

Plugin is a decentralized oracle platform with cost-efficient solutions to smart contracts running on the XDC Network Ecosystem. The new application focuses on providing cost-efficient solutions to users that need reliable data on their smart contracts. Plugin offers dedicated support and reliable data feeds, a well-tested platform for quality, and enterprise-grade service level agreements.

Meanwhile, IGC is an integrated blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning platform seeking to address social and environmental problems.

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